Consumer Reports Awards Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates “Better Than Expected”

Consumers Union—the organization that publishes Consumer Reports— releases a report card each year identifying the top-performing cardiac surgery centers in the United States. Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates has received Consumer Reports highest rating: “Better Than Expected”, June 2018. The list, which is posted online and was last published in the June 2018 issue of Consumer Reports, is based on information gathered through […]

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Dr. Magovern and Dr. Brown, Two Morristown Memorial Hospital – Affiliated Cardiac Surgeons, Top New Jersey State Rankings

Dr. Christopher J. Magovern and Dr. John Brown, two cardiac surgeons affiliated with Morristown Medical Center (an Atlantic Health System hospital), topped New Jersey state rankings for two major categories of cardiac procedures. Dr. Magovern performed 380 coronary bypass surgeries, the most of any physician in New Jersey, based on an analysis of Inpatient Medicare […]

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#1 for Heart Surgery in NJ and NY: Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates